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2019 Updates

Since the beginning of 2019 Gary and I have become responsible for writing the blog content. Should you have any suggestions on topics you would like covered, please don’t hesitate to email  and we will work on it if possible.   There is also a new auction bidding app that can be utilized by anyone, […]

Spotting the Real from the Fake

As long as currency has stimulated the economy, there has been counterfeiters trying to scam the unsuspecting. As time passes, American coins from the past gain greater value. Because of this, counterfeiters work even harder to make replicas they can pass off as the real thing. It’s true that coin shops and collectible stores are […]

The Best Features of Small Cents Auctions App

Modern technology really is amazing. Nowadays, smartphones allow easy access to nearly anything you need. For numismatics, this is a valuable research tool. You can find rare coins like never before. Small Cents Auctions, a subsidiary of Nashua Coins & Collectibles, understands that this evolution in technology marks a shift in how auctions are done. […]

Get to Know Nashua and Give Back

One of the most welcoming and beloved aspects of Nashua is the abundance of small restaurants and stores downtown. It gives you a feeling of home to be able to walk around and see all the mom and pop shops thriving. However, the downtown didn’t always look like this. Laurie Galbo of Nashua Coins & […]

Six Fun Facts of the Indian Cent

One of the most popular pennies in existence would be the Indian Head Penny. Even people who don’t collect recognize the now iconic penny. James Longacre designed the Indian Head Penny. Because it premiered in the years leading up to the Civil War, this penny is viewed as an important part of the history of […]

Tips for the Coin Show Circuit

All coin collectors one day hope to make it to a coin show. Whether it’s a small scale show for the day or a weekend event with a couple of hundred vendors, it’s exciting. Not only do you get to meet people who share your passion, but you get to see rare coins you never […]

Their Expertise in Coins and Care

Numismatics is the study or collection of money in different forms. From coins to paper currency to medals, there are so many different kinds of money in the world. Something people tend to overlook is that money gains value over time. A lucky penny may be worth more than a cent if you keep it […]

Four Ways To Make Coins Appraisal A Success

Finding rare coins is exciting. You feel like you’ve opened up a brand new world of possibilities, and you can’t wait to find out how much your coins are worth. The next step, naturally, is to get your coins appraised by a professional. If you’ve never been to a session before, you should prepare by […]

Some Terms For The Numismatist

Entering the world of coin collecting is an exciting and intense experience. With so many collectible American coins or foreign currencies, there is plenty for a new Numismatist to look out for to know what they want to collect. After all, the collecting is for you at the end of the day. You want to […]

The Henning Nickel

The beginning In 1954, collectors in the New Jersey/ New York area began reporting 1944 nickels turning up in circulation. They were missing the “P” mint mark on the back and did not get made from the wartime 35% silver composition.  Referred to as the “Henning” nickel, these counterfeits arrived through Francis Leroy Henning of […]

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