Nashua Coins

You Can Now Get Antiques For The Holidays

While it isn’t even December yet, plenty of people like to plan and buy items for the holiday season. Whether it’s splurging on themselves or something for loved ones, plenty of shoppers can find something to enjoy at our coin store that doubles as an antique haven! We’re not the only people who appreciate our […]

Why This Coin Store Supports The Performing Arts Center

If you’ve shopped at Nashua Coins & Collectibles before, you can plainly see and understand what we do. Coins and antiques are our passion. We love sharing them with our customers. However, we have beliefs and passions outside of the coin store or business aspects of our lives. For example, we are passionate about our […]

Visiting An Antique Store Can Change Everything

The past intrigues and mystifies as we move forward into the technological age. While laptops, tablets, and phones that do more than the first computer could enamor us, we are still fascinated with aspects of the past. The past shapes us and brings us forward in ways we do not always understand. That is why […]

How Long Will It Take?

For those who are new to the world of coins and antiques, you may not quite understand what our shop does. We buy coins based on the rates that are on the market, then sell them. These are flexible and change every 15 minutes, so we stay up to date with these prices constantly. That […]

All About The Buffalo Nickel

Many things intrigue the American populous. Rare coins continue to be one of the largest collector’s groups out there compared to others. The collection of coins – some foreign, some domestic – has been a pastime for years. For example, not many individuals live their lives without hearing about the Buffalo Nickel. It is one […]

Our Mission? Helping The Collectors.

When a business comes to fruition, there are two distinct end goals: provide quality products to customers and meet their demands the best they can. While we certainly accomplish that with our customer service, we like to go beyond it and get to know our collectors. We love helping them build their collections, and offer […]

Nashua Coins: Not Your Average Coin Store

Finding niche shops can be a bit difficult. Finding a coin store that is exceptional and offers products like no other? That’s an even harder challenge! However, if you know what you are looking for and can be confident in the business, it becomes a snap. If you live near Nashua, New Hampshire, you can […]

Preparing for Coins Appraisal

You never know how much value something has until it is observed by someone who knows the product and industry to which it belongs. Coins are an especially valuable and varied item, so appraisal is rather common. However, there are some things you should do beforehand to ensure you get a great deal and learn […]

Join Nashua Coins & Collectibles For Rare Coin Auctions You Won’t Forget!

If you have considered attending rare coin auctions in the past, we don’t blame you – they are fun, and we love to work with eager customers and help them find the best deals while offering something unique to bid on! Recently, we held an auction at our store – on February 4 – and […]

Visit Our Auction on February 4th!

If you are looking to add to your coin collection, Nashua Coins and Collectibles is happy to announce we are hosting a live auction February 4th. That’s right – you will have the chance to come to our store, find rare coins, and join other bidders who are just as enthusiastic about adding to their collections as you are! If […]

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