Nashua Coins

Nashua Coins: Not Your Average Coin Store


1.) Experience

Nashua Coins has experience in both the store operation and coin ability arenas. We have run businesses since 1985, and our founder, Gary Galbo, has worked with coins since 1979. Our attention to detail, knowledge, and personal anecdotes have helped us cater to all kinds of coin collectors. We know our stuff!

2.) Antiques

Come for the coins, and stay for the unique, fun finds we offer. Our antique collection is an exciting sight, with a variety of items and trinkets to satisfy the quirky collector in any person. Our antiques add a unique flair to what could be an average storefront.

3.) Events YOU Can Get Involved In

We go beyond customer service for our customers – we want to actively assist you and help you build your collection. Our auctions happen bi-monthly, featuring a range of coins for bidders to select. When everyone gets together and bids, it fosters a sense of community and excitement most retail spaces do not offer.

4.) We Can Come To You

You read that right. If you have unique antiques and a variety of collectibles to sell, we can come to you, see what you have, and make a buy offer. For coin collections, there is an appraisal fee for our time, which is waived if you sell us your collection.

5.) Exceptional Customer Service

We take care of our clientele, and we are happy to assist you with collection questions, auctions, and any other matter you need. Whether you are a frequent shopper or someone brand new, we will make you feel welcomed and answer any and all questions you may have.

The next time you want to find anything old and interesting, visit Nashua Coins. You will see why we are a coin store unlike any other. Give us a call at (603)-718-1018!

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Nashua, NH 03060
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