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Lincoln cent collection

We had the time to review some of our older blog posts, many are still valid today so we thought we would share them on this platform! Last month we had a very nice Lincoln cent collection come in, mostly XF to CH BU. The highlights of the set were 1909-S MS63 RB, 1912-S MS64 […]

1795 Large Cent and more!

This is a post published several years ago by the Nashua Coin Club, but very accurate today, enjoy! We have been busy at NC&C this month. The coin business has been steady, pushed primarily by the bullion market. Most of what comes in the door is common silver and wheat cents but occasionally something interesting […]

Baltimore Expo Coin Buying Trip

We are excited to be attending the Baltimore Spring Expo. We will be flying out Thursday morning and arriving back on Saturday. Due to this, Nashua Coins and Collectibles will be closed Thurs, March 31st and Friday April 1st, 2022. Hopefully you are able to postpone your coin needs until Saturday or next week when […]

2022 Live Coin Auction Dates

Small Cents II, a subsidiary of Nashua Coins and Collectibles will be conducting live coin auctions onsite in our gallery at 202 Main Street, in the heart of Downtown Nashua on the following dates: February 26th, April 30th, June 25th, August 27th, October 29th, and December 17th Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for […]

2019 Updates

Since the beginning of 2019 Gary and I have become responsible for writing the blog content. Should you have any suggestions on topics you would like covered, please don’t hesitate to email  and we will work on it if possible.   There is also a new auction bidding app that can be utilized by anyone, […]

Spotting the Real from the Fake

As long as currency has stimulated the economy, there has been counterfeiters trying to scam the unsuspecting. As time passes, American coins from the past gain greater value. Because of this, counterfeiters work even harder to make replicas they can pass off as the real thing. It’s true that coin shops and collectible stores are […]

The Best Features of Small Cents Auctions App

Modern technology really is amazing. Nowadays, smartphones allow easy access to nearly anything you need. For numismatics, this is a valuable research tool. You can find rare coins like never before. Small Cents Auctions, a subsidiary of Nashua Coins & Collectibles, understands that this evolution in technology marks a shift in how auctions are done. […]

Get to Know Nashua and Give Back

One of the most welcoming and beloved aspects of Nashua is the abundance of small restaurants and stores downtown. It gives you a feeling of home to be able to walk around and see all the mom and pop shops thriving. However, the downtown didn’t always look like this. Laurie Galbo of Nashua Coins & […]

Six Fun Facts of the Indian Cent

One of the most popular pennies in existence would be the Indian Head Penny. Even people who don’t collect recognize the now iconic penny. James Longacre designed the Indian Head Penny. Because it premiered in the years leading up to the Civil War, this penny is viewed as an important part of the history of […]

Tips for the Coin Show Circuit

All coin collectors one day hope to make it to a coin show. Whether it’s a small scale show for the day or a weekend event with a couple of hundred vendors, it’s exciting. Not only do you get to meet people who share your passion, but you get to see rare coins you never […]

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