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The Champagne Brothers’ Vintage Violin

Quite some time ago we purchased a vintage, handmade violin made by the Champagne brothers of Worcester, Mass in the early 1940’s. The Champagne brothers, twins, who built violins by hand. Laurie went online trying to research the family and located a grandson in Chelmsford. It turns out he had been searching for one of his grandfather’s violins for years to no avail. There was only one surviving instrument in his family that one of his aunts had inherited.


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To add to it all, his young son had just recently taken up the violin in school, also. Mr. Champagne became excited about the find and wanted to see it. He came into our store. When he saw the instrument in our antique collection, he couldn’t believe his good fortune.

We made sure to lovingly care for the violin and kept it in pristine condition also. There was a case as nd it included an extra bow with replacement strings. Just a beautiful piece. We sold him the violin for less than half of the real value because the story deserved a reward.

We have been able to restore the instrument to the family for them to share this piece of family history for generations to come. As soon as Jeff Champagne returned home, he sent us a picture of he and his children with the violin. There smiles all around. A real feel-good tale for all of us at Nashua Coins and Collectibles!


This is the review we got praising our antique collection from every possible site after this happened!

Nashua Coins and Collectibles made my year! I know most people would say made my day but this goes way beyond that. I got a surprise note from Laurie telling me that she had received a precious family heirloom, a violin made by my grandfather and his brother in 1953. I had been seeking an instrument made by them for as long as I had known that they had made violins and this was a complete shock because honestly, I didn’t think it was possible, given they probably only made a dozen in total. I was blown away!

Laurie sent me pictures of this priceless treasure, #8 of a dozen or so instrument created from scratch by these master craftsmen. It was in mint condition and looked like it had never been played. It had been in a case in a closet and was probably unused for decades.

Our Mission

She told me that she wanted to get it back to it’s rightful owner, that was her only motivation. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity by Laurie and will be forever grateful for her reaching out to me and selling me this treasure at a fraction of it’s value.

She gives me hope in humanity. Thank you, Laurie Hayes Galbo, for being part of what I consider a miracle. And also for letting me learn about this noble craft, something my grandfather dedicated himself to.

I have had the violin fully restored, and it plays like a dream. It is my most prized possession. As a result of this occurrence, I have learned so much more about my grandfather Floyde and his twin brother, Benjamin, who made these amazing instruments while Benjamin was hospitalized in Plymouth County Hospital in MA, for TB. He passed away within months of completing this instrument.

The Search

I received a copy of St. Thomas’s Summa Theological from my aunt, who is the one who introduced me to the revelation that somewhere out there there are violins that my gf and brother created. This book was given to my grandfather by Benjamin’s widow when Ben passed away in 1953. She had the only other known violin, #11. She also sent me articles from the Plymouth County Hospital Newspaper and Worcester Telegram and Gazette from 1964 about the violin shop my gf ran out of his basement on Gate St in Worcester.

These two fine craftsmen had a love and passion in pursuing excellence in this noble craft that leaps out of their letters and newspaper articles, speaking to me from the past. These documents that are found after being reunited with this instrument have given me a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of relatives that I never had the pleasure of meeting in person, but I am so familiar with the fruits of their lives, my family.

Another happy customer!

I feel like I know them and have seen into their kind and creative souls. It means so much being able to learn to play violin on an instrument made by them. My children now have the chance to grow up knowing more about their family’s history and the people that laid the foundation for our lives today.

Thank you, Laurie and team, for making my year!


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