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One of the most welcoming and beloved aspects of Nashua is the abundance of small restaurants and stores downtown. It gives you a feeling of home to be able to walk around and see all the mom and pop shops thriving. However, the downtown didn’t always look like this. Laurie Galbo of Nashua Coins & Collectibles remembers the changes the city has made over the years. While her business specializes in rare and American coins, Laurie has always loved to give back to the city. This season is your chance to not only remember what you love about Nashua but give back to the city. Laurie has created a calendar available on their website and in the shop, with a portion of the proceeds going straight to PAL.

See Nashua Old and New

Learning the history of coins and other merchandise sparked Laurie’s fascination with the past. The focus of the calendar is Nashua. Laurie went around the city herself to collect photographs of some of the most memorable features unique to Nashua. The mill buildings, murals, and statues of downtown have a history all their own that Laurie explored. She set these photos of Nashua today against their counterparts of the past. This calendar shows you exactly how far the city has come over the past century. You’ll be amazed that the landmarks you know and love haven’t always been what you expect.


A major portion of the proceeds goes to the Police Athletic League, or PAL for short. This organization focuses on helping kids in the community. Each year, PAL does this with Tactical Christmas. Tactical Christmas is an event where the police, task force, and tactical teams go out dressed in gear to deliver presents with Santa Claus. This event promotes the Christmas Spirit while delivering gifts to families who may not be able to afford them otherwise.


If you love the city you live in, give back to it. Laurie Galbo may work hard at Nashua Coins & Collectibles, but her passions are PAL and this city. For more information on the calendars, contact Nashua Coins at 603-718-1018 or visit them online!

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